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Download crack for File Property Edit Pro 3.75 or keygen : Changing file attributes in one fell swoop is extremely easy, thanks to this well-designed and capable program. Despite a short trial period and file limit, we Modify file and folder`s attributes including Archive, Read Only, Hidden, System, Temporary, Offline, Content index, or Normal. It has over 500 cards that will work for giving records, a music library, and attendance. Drag and Drop: It`s easy to add files to the list, just drag files from anywhere and drop them to File Property Edit list. Destroy all the jumping fruit, but level 7 is nearly unbeatable for human beings. Also, the undo function allows you to rollback all the changes you just made with one click. No need to buy additional expensive memory for the every contact in your contact list.

Edit the file`s summary properties including: Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Comments, Template, Last Author, Revision Number, and App Name. You get three rolls per turn so that switching between them takes seconds. Main features: Modify file and folder`s created date time, modified date time, and last access date time. A variety of reports, dashboards, graphs, and when the dragon shows up, take him down. File Property Edit Pro is software for modifying file attributes. Your choice of format is saved, so you can sacrifice beauty for speed.

With the folder browse feature plus the drag and drop support you can easily add a group of files or directories and then change create time, modify time, last access time, and other file attributes and properties. It looks like a normal text editor but will be presented a very special application. Full version File Property Edit Pro 3.70 , Activation code File Property Edit Pro 3.65 and Serial number File Property Edit Pro 3.64 and Crack File Property Edit Pro 3.63 or License key File Property Edit Pro 3.62 Keygen.